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Technip’s Apache


Pipelay & Mooring Winches

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Finesse’s first major experience in the marine construction industry came when Technip decided to move the Pipelay equipment from the Old Apache Pipelay vessel to the then new Apache (II) vessel.

Finesse won several significant contracts on this vessel, on the back of having established a good relationship with the crew when undertaking some smaller upgrade projects as subcontractors on the old vessel. 

  • Initially providing the controls for the full pipelay spread, requiring design of a PLC based control desk style console for the bridge, as well as a remote I/O panel designed to be fitted at various locations around the vessel to monitor instrumentation and control hydraulicly powered equipment.  With a dual redundant fibre optic ring for robust data communications and software development for interfacing from operator controls to the field equipment.
  • The Vessel Mooring Winches were also transferred from the old hull and upgraded to PLC controls from a similar desk console on the bridge at the same time, using similar technology. Again, Finesse provided full detailed electrical & instrumentation design and software Development.
  • Power train for the mooring winches was later upgraded from the old diesel engine drive to an electric drive system with a 328kW motor each on Port & Starboard winches. Finesse provided the full electrical design and delivery package for the drives, cabling, switchboard interface, and electrical & pneumatic control system upgrade, as well as PLC software integration with the previously delivered control desk PLC.
  • Following a vessel risk assessment, Finesse later designed and delivered a vessel wide integrated emergency stop safety system linking the various pipelay and back deck mechanical handling systems. System was designed and built, then installed and commissioned by a Finesse team during a trans-Atlantic transfer to a job in Trinidad, to avoid vessel loss of revenue due to down time.

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