To generate world class results, operations need optimised efficient use of technology.

  • Are staffing issues or old inefficient technology hindering your business ambitions?
  • Is quality, reliability, repeatability impacting your bottom line or reputation?
  • Is energy usage or waste production a significant cost? Or environmental impact a concern?
  • Are your machine or process controls meeting UKCA/CE standards & safety Legislation?

By stepping back and looking at the bigger picture, we can open up new ideas to overcome problem areas and streamline your current processes.

As external engineering experts with experience across multiple sectors and knowledge of the latest technologies, the Finesse team bring a fresh pair of eyes. We highlight ways to extend the life of your machines or identify possible opportunities by using automation that generates improvements in energy efficiency, quality, reliability and productivity, improving your business results.

Reports we carry out

Automated Machinery Risk Assessment, Quality, Reliability & Obsolescence Surveys
Keep your people, products and assets safe

Finesse can support at the design stage, with evaluation of machinery safety integrity. Using recognised risk assessment and hazard identification processes, including ATEX and SIL analysis, these processes are essential to ensure any new plant is both safe and compliant with legislation.

Similar risk assessment-based principles can be applied when evaluating existing plant for the potential cost of obsolescence to quality and reliability.

Project Viability & Justification
Quantifying expected results
Through FEED (Front End Engineering Design) studies, we can identify and financially quantify potential energy efficiency, flexibility, maintenance, manning, output, quality, safety, and other benefits from the automation project to ensure customers develop optimum specification. Finesse can assist with the analysis necessary to provide investors with tangible, measurable financial forecasts for return on investment, which can be expected from any automation projects.
Concept Development
Creating a solution to your needs
From an identified set of problems, we research and analyse data to create a solution. Using our 3D CAD Modelling, our engineers can provide a vision of the solution and test, develop, and fine tune results so that a final concept is delivered that offers key functionality and the required outcomes.
Expert Witness / Forensic Engineering / Accident Investigation
Post-accident or incident analysis accidents
Unfortunately, things go wrong, accidents happen, sometimes with tragic results. Independent forensic investigations allow the true root of the problem to be identified with proactive actions highlighted so that repetition is avoided. Finesse's extensive experience of controls and automation can occasionally be essential to provide an independent evaluation of root cause and mitigate legal ramifications.

How it works

Arrange Consultation Date
Identify date that suits both parties to discuss current situation and future concerns
Technology Audit Carried Out
Observations, and in-person research gathering
Consultation Report Prepared & Distributed
A concise breakdown of findings, along with clear recommendations
Follow-up meeting
Discuss findings and recommendations to establish a way forward
Following the thorough completion of our Audit report, our engineers can also support you with implementing the solutions - working through the designs, manufacture and installation.

Case Studies

Rumbol Products Ltd logo




FEED – Coating Process - Concept Design
Development concept automated manufacturing process and budget costs for full detailed design and manufacture of production line at Rumbol
Read case study
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Legal – Expert Witness (Interference Issues)
Finesse investigation for DeepTek surrounding EMC (Electro Magnetic Compatibility) issues relating to umbilical cable design.
Read case study

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