Support & Maintenance

An equipment failure can bring your business to a standstill. Can you afford the downtime or worse be told that parts are no longer available?

Perhaps it's time to start planning ahead? A proactive maintenance schedule for your machinery can allow you to reduce operation downtime and extend the lifespan of equipment before they become obsolete.

Finesse can offer a support contract where we will guarantee priority response at discounted rates to any calls as well as undertaking regular planned inspection & maintenance in exchange for a monthly fee.

In addition to providing class leading after sales support, Finesse can also provide regular scheduled maintenance through pre-arranged contractual support or callout agreements.

We are also happy to respond on an ad-hoc basis, to keep your business operational.

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Fault finding and repair

With increasingly complex control systems it is not always viable to resource in-house expertise in all the technologies necessary to support your automation systems, often it is more cost effective to call on the experts.

Across our multidisciplinary senior and junior engineers we have years of applied experience in successfully supporting Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) systems.

To support your system our team is able to reverse engineer it, even with minimal documentation, to achieve the required level of understanding regardless of supplier and equipment origin.

Even if the equipment is obsolete we can often source spares; alternatively, being experienced integrators we are able to perform any necessary modernisation or upgrade.

Modifications and development

Well-designed PLC systems are flexible with plenty of scope for adding new functions. Implementing these changes in a structured way can provide great advantages at minimal cost.

However, poorly executed changes can result in unpredictable machine behaviour, with impact on quality or production. Large systems integrators with major projects on their books can be reluctant to support these projects efficiently.

This is a key service where each small modification project will receive the required level of attention just like any other whilst maintaining a robust but streamlined efficient approach; Specification agreed - Solution investigated - Change carefully implemented and fully tested, giving seamless upgrades to your existing plant and equipment with minimal disruption to your production.

Training and technical documentation

Sometimes new automation equipment can get off to a bad start, through either lack of knowledge on the part of the operator or the front line maintenance personnel. We always offer, as part of the hand over, an option for training and comprehensive user documentation.

This can often prove to be an invaluable step as many early problems can be avoided giving confidence to fully utilise the hardware and in turn accelerating payback on the capital investment.

We can also prepare bespoke training and documentation on existing equipment where appropriate as well as offering a number of generic PLC and controls training courses to develop the base level skills and understanding of your in-house maintenance team.

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