Variable Frequency Drives

Saving cash and the planet.

It is no secret that energy costs are continuing to rise, and the power used by machinery and equipment is likely on your mind. Our plug and play solution can help keep your equipment running smoothly, while saving energy and carbon emissions during quieter periods.

As motors generally run for long periods of time over many years, the largest costs associated with motors are the energy costs to run them. Using a Variable Frequency Drive allows you to control the speed of AC induction motors so that they can operate more efficiently.

Using a Finesse Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) can dramatically reduce energy consumption - up to a 27% reduction in some cases.

By varying input power and frequency into the motor using a VFD, it can turn less frequently when under less load resulting in a reduction in power consumption.

Running a Finesse VFD with a 2.2kW motor at 80% speed, 12hrs a day, 300 days per year equates to a saving of £464* per year. (*assuming 12p per kWh) A truly plug and play solution

Our Variable Frequency Drives are available off the shelf in a range of sizes and capacities and simply plug between the mains power source (single or three phase) and the motor with no additional wiring required.

Our IP65 rated VFDs come fully enclosed with a simple 'plug and play' setup. VFDs can be tailored to your requirements with the addition of some optional features.

“Using energy efficiently helps organisations save money as well as helping to conserve resources and tackle climate change”


Variable Frequency Drives could be used in:
  • Centrifugal pumps
  • HVAC systems and fans
  • Mixing machines
  • Conveyor systems
Finesse VFDs are fully enclosed and can be easily retrofitted to existing motors with minimal effort – just attach the VFD to the mains supply and the motor and it’s ready to go. Both single and three phase VFDs are available in a full range of motor sizes – from 0.12kW to 30kW. Larger drives and bespoke solutions can also be provided.


  • Simple to install and use
  • Fully enclosed IP65 rated enclosures
  • High quality Siemens V20 drive used
  • No programming or technical set up required
  • Reduced CO2 emissions
  • Reduced mechanical wear – due to the soft start and ramp up features
  • Easy to use

optional extras

  • An external speed adjustment dial
  • A safety isolator
  • An external FWD/STOP/REV switch
The following presents the range of VFDs we manufacture in kW. Larger, bespoke drives can be produced should these be required. For current costs and estimated lead times, please get in touch.
Single Phase (kW)
Three Phase (kW)

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