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FEED – Coating Process - Concept Design

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Our Client – Rumbol – a small Agri-pharmaceutical supplier had a very manual process, and wanted to introduce a new coating material to their manufacturing.

Finesse Scope:

Develop concept automated manufacturing process, and budget costs for full detailed design and manufacture of production line.

FEED Design:

Finesse undertook analysis of the coating material and developed 3D concept designs for a machine to dip & coat the customer product automatically. Due to the coating material being in a solvent based solution, the evaporating vapours from the drying product were found to give critical ATEX & Environmental concerns, this resulted in significant increase in complexity of the concept machine with need for temperature control, extraction systems, solvent capture & recovery or disposal, and general ATEX zoning issues.


Finesse provided client with concept design and budget for evaluating the viability of the project, providing a basis to source funding, as well as a basis for progression to the development stage of the system.

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