Brake Testing Machine

Brakes and clutches are vital safety parts of any machine and your customers expect rigorous testing.

We design and manufacture a range of products for manufacturers and researchers in the brake and clutch industry. Our machines can be found supporting some of the largest brake producers in the world.

Our considerable experience in this field includes the design and manufacture of pneumatic brake assembly machines, burnishing and conditioning machines for brakes, brake lifespan analysis machines and other dynamic performance testing machines.
How our process works
Speak to us about your requirement
We begin by creating a concept using 3D modelling
Parts are prototyped and costed
Our engineers develop a design that is ready to go to production
Once signed off we manufacture in-house before commissioning the machine on-site

Other experience:

  • Pneumatic brake assembly machines
  • Burnishing and conditioning machines for brakes
  • Brake lifespan analysis machines
  • Dynamic performance testing machine
  • Machines for research and development
  • Life cycle torque testing
  • Failure testing machines
  • Automated handling and assembly equipment – from intricate assembly of small parts to handling larger components

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