3 Axis Gantry Pick & Place Control System

Finesse have developed a standardised design for providing three axis gantry pick and place control.

These systems can be scaled from desk top high precision applications such as electronics manufacture to large scale applications for heavy industry such as dockside crane controls for moving containers. The same core PLC positioning, motion profile and drive control algorithms and operator interface screens can be applied for use on any physical size of system.

The core Finesse software allows the operator to pick and place from a 3D array of start positions to a single work position or to an array of end positions for palletising or depalletising type applications.

A teach facility is available to save the need to calculate coordinates, operator can manually inch to position then storing the position for use in the automated sequence.

The system is designed around Siemens PLC & HMI and can be easily integrated with safety guards or other production systems such as feed conveyors bringing product to or taking it away from this work station.

How our process works
Speak to us about your requirement
We begin by creating a concept using 3D modelling
Parts are prototyped and costed
Our engineers develop a design that is ready to go to production
Once signed off we manufacture in-house before commissioning the machine on-site

Other experience:

  • Pneumatic brake assembly machines
  • Burnishing and conditioning machines for brakes
  • Brake lifespan analysis machines
  • Dynamic performance testing machine
  • Machines for research and development
  • Life cycle torque testing
  • Failure testing machines
  • Automated handling and assembly equipment – from intricate assembly of small parts to handling larger components
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